Sarkis Vending Service, Inc. has been in continuous operation under the same local ownership since 1986. The Sarkis family has been involved in automated vending, dining services, office refreshment services, and catering services within the greater Rochester community since 1948. The current principals of Sarkis Vending Service provided complete food services to Greater Rochester customers while with companies that included ARA Services, Sarkis Management Services. Each of the partners of Sarkis Vending has extensive expertise in all food service in excess of 22 years. This expertise includes contract food service and public restaurants. Sarkis Vending Service founded to provide food service from a truly local base in Rochester, New York.

The company differentiates itself from the competition by focusing on quality products, service excellence and value. Sarkis, as both a local company and an independent, possesses the unique capabilities of instant decision making, flexibility, unsurpassed response time, creativity and continuous innovation. We offer all of the available brand name products with no constraints and purchase our equipment from the manufacturer representing the latest and most dependable technology. Sarkis can honestly deliver whatever products our customers desire and place equipment that best meets their needs. Sarkis Vending delivers solutions. Sarkis Vending Service is committed to Greater Rochester.

The company is employee and management owned with every owner a Rochesterian extremely familiar with this market and with a personal vested interest in the company's success. All members of the Sarkis Vending team recognize that they must be fanatics about customer service and know that they are empowered to make a difference. Customer service is not a fad at Sarkis; customer service, quality, and value are integral to the company culture. The powerful desire to provide this type of service, on a local basis, motivated the creation of the company and drives the company each and every day.

Sarkis Vending Service is your best choice to provide quality dining service and catering, automated vending and office refreshment services within Greater Rochester, New York.

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